The Head of the research activities in the Institute is Dr. Maksym M. Ivashchenko, Ph.D.


During the education by students are carried out labor works,, practical exercises, control works which included the elements of the scientific activities, typical investigation tasks during the industrial practice, etc.

Student’s scientific activity outside the educational process provides the participation in scientific groups, problem labor working, among them:

  • Studying the features of thin metal and semiconductor films;
  • Industrial usage of microcontrollers;
  • Studying the regularities of gas explosions and methods of their suppression;
  • Studying the economical problems of region;
  • Researching the problems of environmental pollution;
  • Creation the software equipment;
  • Creation the municipality projects.

Annual Scientific Conference of Konotop Institute SSU

— Modern economical problems and their solutions;
— Modern aspects of theory and practice in managementу;
— Modern computer technologies usage;
— Applications in informational technologies ;
— Enterprise’s greening and resource-saving approaches;
— Nanotechnologies and automation;
— Pedagogy and educational methods;
— Journalism and philology;
— Local history and cultural studies.



Publication activity of Konotop Institute SSU

At present time it was published more than 2500 scientific papers by lecturers, Ph.D.-students and graduate students of the Institute, including more than 600 articles in Journals, which are indexed by the science-metrical databases


Active Research Projects

  1. Historical and cultural studies of Sumy region (head – Dr. Natalia O. Lemish.);
  2. Improving the mechanisms of the enterprises activities in modern economic conditions (head –      Dr. Dmytro O. Vlasenko);
  3. Manufacturing process automation and programming the microcontroller systems (head – Dr. Ivan P. Buryk.);
  4. Improving the systems of localization the methane and coal dust explosions (head – Dr. Maksym M. Ivashchenko);
  5. Structural, optical, electro-physical and magneto-resistive properties of film structures suitable for their usage in spintronics and solar energy (head – Dr. Tetyana M. Hrychanovs’ka.);
  6. The influence of multi-stage education realization on teaching methods in universities (head – Dr. Tetyana V. Grebenyk.).


Scientific developments suitable for industrial integration:


  1. Automatic traffic control system;
  2. Explosion-flame Sensor of methane-mixture;
  3. Methodical library of the institution;
  4. Transportation optimization model;
  5. Educational processing management in high school;
  6. Tram remote control system.